Our Wireless security alarm systems are set up to Maximize Police Priority Attendance – Police Attendance is highly unlikely to happen if there’s no Visual Verification.

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What are the advantages of having a wireless security alarm?

Wireless Security Alarm Systems offer some serious advantages over Hardwired Alarm Systems

Speed – A complete installation can be done in around 2 hours on an average house or business!

Versatility – Sensors can be installed almost anywhere because you don’t have to run a cable

Security – AES128 Encrypted – Virtually impossible to Hack or Jam

Super Long Battery Life – The latest AX-Pro Wireless Systems offer 5 years before you need to change a battery

Smart Phone Controllable and Monitorable as well as Back to Base Monitoring offer you the best of both worlds

Easy to use – if you can use a smart phone you can use an AX-Pro Wireless Alarm

Police Priority due to Visual Verification of Alarms – No more guessing – You get a stream of images to show you what caused the alarm – Police will only respond to visual verification

What is our recommendation as the best wireless alarm?

Since the AX-Pro Visual Verification Wireless Alarm was launched we have prioritised it as our No 1 Wireless Alarm because it just flat out works.

We did one installation at a Marina and had to install some external PIR Cameras because people were stealing the clients building materials by boat – A few days after we installed it there was a massive storm but the external PIR Camera Sensors did not false trigger. Yet they managed to capture several unauthorised people during the time we had it set up giving the owner and builder immediate off site awareness of what was happening.

In terms of flexibility it ranks up there with anything we have ever used but at a very affordable price point – In the one unit you have sensors for Doors and Windows – Water Leak sensors – Smoke Detectors – Glass Break Detectors – Automation Relays and 240 Volt capable relays – Temperature Modules.

For Self Monitoring it’s the best system we have ever seen with a series of up to 15 images sent to your phone in full colour day or night due to the embedded ColorVu low light sensors.

Industry-leading Intrusion Alarm Technologies

New and innovative technologies make up the core of the AX PRO system to provide a safe and secure network that provides cutting edge safety features.

Tri-X is a new generation of wireless protocol which ensures a strong and steady network at all times and the two-way communication is AES-128 encrypted which makes hacking all but impossible. In addition, ‘Frequency Hopping’ technology rapidly switches transmitting radio signals among several frequency channels for reliable transmission and makes it much more difficult to jam the signal.

Video Verification

Get instant and efficient verification sent directly to your smart phone anywhere in the world.

IVAAS (Intrusion Verification as a Service) Technology supports sending one 7-second
event video clip or up to 20 photos via Hik- Connect or by email for timely verification.

Wireless Transmission

Ensures fast, reliable and secure wireless transmission with features including:

  • Tri-X & CAM-X Wireless Technology
    • Long distance transmission, up to 2,000 meters
    • Dual RF-Chip Design
    • Time Division Multiple Access Technology
    • Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
    • Relay Transmission Technology
    • AES-128 Encryption

Contact us if you have further questions. Even for a quick call. With 40+ years experience in Adelaide, and constantly testing the available systems on the market to bring you only the very best and latest commercial and residential system