Our emergency and security systems are designed to keep you safe at all times.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific nature of your situation.

We create custom solutions for homes with security concerns, duress buttons for businesses and emergency stop buttons for workshops, just to list a few.

Some industries that often make use of these include health services like drug rehab clinics and psychology clinics, schools, or even installing help alarms in disabled bathrooms at any workplace or facility.

How it works

We can design your emergency system around whatever your individual needs are.

Some options include:

Portable or hardwired systems

They can be buttons that you carry around with you, or duress buttons that are hardwired into walls or under desks.

Silent or audible alarms

Loud alarms can scare offenders away, or silent alarms can alert security without escalating a situation.

Internal or external connection

Your alarms can be connected to your internal security service or personal contacts, or you can link it to our external Grade 1A control room full of security specialists who have police priority and answer calls within seconds.

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