Get the very best in intercom technology with our advanced security systems. Intercoms can be included in a security and automation package, or used as a single solution.
There are two main types of intercom systems we install:

Audio Systems

These are the old styled systems that are voice only and connect whoever is at one end to the other. They are still often used, but fast being replaced by the advanced audio-visual systems.

Audio/Visual Systems

This is an advanced system that carries audio and visual connection live to you. This can be set up in a basic system, similar to the audio systems where it connects to a receiver, or it can be set up so you can access it anywhere you are on your smart phone.
This means you can let people in your home, once you’ve verified them on the intercom, while you’re away! You can set it up so you can let delivery drivers in your front gate, or family and friends into your front door while you’re at work or at the shops.

Advanced Technologies

Security technology is booming, and we are committed to staying up to date with the latest developments and advancements.
All of our systems and packages can be completely customised, and there are a wide range of functions they can perform, from intercom systems and building automation, to high level security monitoring.

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