Technology is growing at a rapid rate, and so is the advancements for your security systems with artificial intelligence security options now available.

Reducing False Alarms

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced security system that we offer, that cuts out the majority of false alarms.

The AI system is a deep learning system that has been taught the difference between things like cats, birds, cars, and people. A lot of alarm triggers can be for unimportant things, like curious animals or things blowing past in the wind. With AI technology, the system learns what is important and what is not, reducing the number of alerts significantly. You can set it to your personal preferences and, for example, have it set to only capture cars and people.

Saving You Data

Most security systems are set to only record when something triggers in the frame to avoid huge amounts of unnecessary data. People who have used the AI system to control their recording have found that the amount of backed up data that is recorded has reduced by more than half because a lot of false alarms aren’t included.

Customisable Systems For Everyone

These AI systems can be incorporated into any home, business, or commercial security system. Whatever your security needs, we can package them together to create a safety net for you, your family and your assets.

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