All of our systems can be controlled simply and easily through your smartphone. Check on your cameras, look up dates, times or footage of past alarms, and turn systems on and off all with the use of your phone.

Industry Leading Technology & Software

We are committed to keeping up with the rapidly developing technology and security industry, bringing you only the latest systems and solutions.

Our smartphone technology means you can automate and control your security from anywhere, simply and easily.

For large commercial businesses, this can mean no longer needing access cards for your employees as they can just use their phones. It also means no longer having to report back to a control room, as records and information can be looked up on your phone wherever you are.

For homeowners, this can mean having your entire security and home automation system controlled by a single device. Our advanced software is a multi-platform system that can integrate different systems together in to one single app, meaning whatever pre-existing systems are in place can also connect with your new ones.

Unlimited Tech Support

At the time of installation, we will show you everything you need to know to use your security systems and smartphone control software. If you still need help, we are here for you with unlimited tech support. Whether you need a refresher, can’t find something, or something doesn’t seem to be working – we are just a phone call away and will help you with whatever tech support you need.

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