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Smart Home Technology

With the advent of the IT world that we now live in a world where Smart Home Technology is the expected norm.

We recommend the HIK Vision Suite of Smart Home Products which all integrate together

  • AX-Pro Wireless Visual Alarm System with Automation – The best Visual Alarm System on the market by a very long way

  • Ultra High Definition M Series CCTV Systems – Allow you to view all of your 4K Cameras in full definition and resolution

  • Hybrid and ColorVu Cameras with Acusense AI Smarts – Intelligent Cameras that are triggered by a human or a vehicle that can be turned on and off and are colour at night

  • HIK Vision Doorbell Intercom Systems


At the heart of the HIK Vision Eco System is a 10 Inch Android Touch Screen called the All in One Indoor Station



The all in One Touch Screen integrates your CCTV, AX-Pro Visual Verification Alarm System, Automation and Door Bell Intercom in the one convenient tablet.

The CCTV Cameras, Alarm System, Automation Control and Intercom Systems are available both on the Android Touch Screen and on your Smart Phone.

You can take Intercom calls at Home or on your Smartphone, so if a courier turns up and you aren’t home you can talk to them wherever you are, open the automated gate, let them in and close the gate after them – all the while you can watch this happening on the CCTV Cameras to make sure everything was done correctly.

The All in One Touchscreen can also integrate other Android based apps like Spotify so you can expand it to incorporate your Sound System and any other integrations.

You are always connected, so regardless of its someone pressing your doorbell, your alarm sending you a visual alert or one of your intelligent CCTV Cameras alerting you to a perimeter intrusion you are always aware of what’s going on.

Best of all its all so simple to use – At the end of the day the products have to be easy to use or they wont get used – Simplicity is King.

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