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Visual Verification Security Alarms


The clear choice when it comes to a Visual Verification System and by a very long way is the AX-Pro by HIK Vision




The PIR sensors have an inbuilt camera (PIR Camera) that sends a series of snapshots to your smart phone for instant visual verification


It’s the only wireless system we know that offers 5 year average battery life on its sensors


The batteries are easy to replace


Stop Thieves before they get into your house! – AX-Pro External Sensors can be linked to CCTV Cameras in the same area creating a perimeter alarm zone


The PIR Cameras remain active when the system is armed, typical wireless systems sensors turn off for 5 minutes after the first activation


No live viewing of the PIR Cameras means your Privacy and security are always maintained because the Camera inside the Sensors can never be live viewed


Its virtually unhackable – with frequency hopping and128 Bit encryption and two proprietary wireless technologies its as future proof as anything we have seen.


6 Year Warranty - We are so confident in the AX-Pro we offer Double its Warranty to a huge 6 Years – No one else offers this level of commitment


So if you are still sitting on the fence about why you should invest in a Visual Verification Alarm keep reading, this is important


Fact - In 2024 Police are unlikely to respond to a monitored alarm activation without Visual Verification.


This makes any alarm system that doesn’t have visual verification virtually redundant and increases the cost and potentially risk to the end user.

If you attend yourself you may get hurt, or have to use a patrol company to attend its going to hurt your pocket either way you can get hurt.

Without Visual Verification its basically just guesswork as to what caused the alarm to trigger, if nothing obvious is found its often just put down to a spider or moth but the reality is you don’t really ever know.

So Installing or upgrading to a Visual Verification Security Alarm System is a No brainer, the upside to your security and peace of mind is massive.


The latest advances in technology allows us to know exactly what caused the alarm, if it’s a spider you will see a video of the spider walking across the lens – if its an intruder

you will see an intruder – What this means is NO MORE FALSE ALARMS.


Importantly all of the Visual information is transmitted directly to your smart phone and to our Security Control Room so its instant Visual information.


Visual Verification alarms create a far greater sense of security and peace of mind of knowing whats actually happening in close to real time.


Installing a Visual Verification Alarm system guarantees you get 100% accurate information from your alarm.


From your Smart Phone you can turn the alarm on and off, download videos of events if needed for evidence and truly have total control of your security.


Key Advantages

  • Visual Evidence of all Alarm Events to your Smart Phone and Security Control Room if you have the alarm back to base monitored

  • Virtual Cloud recording of events to your Smart Phone and Security Control Room – You have the video stored on your phone to download and give to Police if needed

  • Police Priority Attendance – Police will prioritise attendance to an alarm activation if there’s visual evidence

  • No More False Alarms – You get to see what caused it

  • 100% Control over your Security – Wherever you are you can access the Alarm to turn it On or Off or receive any alerts

  • Fast installation with no mess – Typically an installation is completed in under two hours

  • Easily add automation with our stand alone wireless relays

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