Our Systems are set up to Maximize Police Priority Attendance – Police Attendance is highly unlikely to happen if there’s no Visual Verification

We offer a select range of premium quality hard wired security alarm systems that have stood the test of time – Systems that we have and would install in our own premises.

Serving all of Adelaide, with only the highest quality and best commercial and residential hard wired systems.

What is important to look for when choosing a Hard Wired Security system?

The key things we consider when installing a hardwired alarm are as follows…

Reliability – because its protecting you and your assets It has to work first time every time, we only use brands we know and trust

Visual Verification Capability – Either the Alarm Sensors have an inbuilt camera or the alarm can be interfaced with the onsite CCTV Cameras – Once again this allows you to have visual proof of what caused the alarm to trigger and puts you at the top of the list for Police Attendance

Ease of use – It has to stand the test of time and be easy to use, there’s no point installing it if you are too scared to use it

Flexibility of Expansion – Capable of adding hardwired, wireless and automation modules to cater for every possibility

Monitorable – Either to a Back to Base Control Room or Self Monitoring through your smart phones

Extended Warranty on our Hard Wired Systems

Long Warranty – Every system we install has a minimum 3 year warranty, which we will double to 6 years if you get the system serviced annually

Smart Phone Control – All of our hardwired systems have smart phone control capability

So that’s the basics, but hardwired alarms have significantly progressed in the last few years, one of the biggest advances is browser based systems that allow you to access all of the systems data and status wherever you are in the world as long as you have web browser access – This means you can make changes and control the system from wherever you are.

A graphic example of this was one Friday night while on a tram to the Football, one of our technicians was on their smart phone actioning an urgent request from a client to add several users to their access control platform who would be working there the next morning. He was able to add the new users and allocate their permission level in real time, saving in costs due to no site attendance required and being able to action their request immediately.

We have also had instances where a client needs to remove a staff members access immediately due to a lost credential which we were able to provide ensuring building security was maintained

Get in touch if you have any more questions about hard wired, or any other security systems. With over 40 years sifting through all options to bring you the best, we can give honest and trusted advice.

We’ve been the trusted name for years in Adelaide for the highest quality commercial and residential alarm systems.