It may surprise you that high definition is usually not good enough when it comes to security systems! It may suffice for basic measures, but if you need to use the footage for evidence, or to see anything more than 6-7 meters away in clarity, you need ultra high definition.

See more with Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition gets more pixels in the picture compared to HD systems. Our 4k UHD systems have four times the definition of a standard HD system. This means you can zoom in on details with far less pixilation. UHD has the high level clarity that is needed when looking for things like facial or number plate identification in recorded footage.

Ultra High Definition Advancements

Ultra High Definition is more than just better quality – our UHD systems can see colour at night! This makes a big difference when trying to identify someone or something. For example, cars become more than simple makes and models, you can narrow your search incredibly just by knowing what colour it is.

Customisable Systems For Everyone

Our Ultra High Definition systems can be incorporated into any home, business, or commercial security system. Every member of our team has had over 40 years’ experience building security systems and are committed to staying up to date with the latest technology advancements. You can trust us to have the experience and know-how to make your next security system work exactly like you need it to, keeping you safe and your assets secure.

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