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Solutions We Offer

Access Control
We have a variety of options for access control, from facial recognition, security pass cards and smart phone recognition. These are completely customisable for any industry and can include access restriction for risks like people not wearing appropriate PPE.
Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring
Our Grade A1 Control room can monitor your security system. They are a team of professionals that get their A1 status through responding to calls within 60 seconds, have police priority and are set up with back up generators, phone systems and satellites.
Intelligent CCTV
Our CCTV cameras have next level technology with AI integration that can detect the difference between humans, cars, birds and animals, reducing the amount of false alarms and unnecessary recordings by 98{518a372535d1efa30da54d8f03411692675c77d7b6031074b6ef12e415efcc54}. This means that a longer history of security logs can be kept and easily looked through.
Security Alarms
Customise your system to alert whoever you choose in case of an alarm. Options include on site sound deterrents, connection directly to fire emergency services for smoke alarms, Grade A1 security monitoring or smart phone alerts to you or your team.
Connect people across your business with our state of the art intercom systems. Options include traditional audio connections, or new audio visual systems that are flexible, customisable and smart phone compatible.
Sound Systems
Integrate your security system with building automations like sound and lighting systems. Make the most of our flexible, customisable systems that can control various aspects of your building all at once.
Emergency Lock Down Systems
We have specialist, advanced technology for duress alarms and emergency lock down systems. Emergency buttons can be fixed in location on walls, under desks, or wirelessly worn by staff. Lock down responses to the alarm and can also be customisable for each businesses specific needs.
Fire Systems
All our systems cand double as fire alarms, meeting all the requirements of fire safety standards. Smoke detectors can also be connected directly to emergency services, alerting the fire department immediately when smoke is detected.
Number Plate
Our Ultra High Definition systems can record number plates far more successfully than standard HD cameras. Our recognition software is customisable to respond in a variety of ways. Security can be alerted when a specific vehicle arrives on your premises, or offenders number plates can be recorded for evidence purposes.
Covid 19
Our cutting edge technology can include thermal graphic imaging into your system to alert you if someone with a fever enters your premises. The system will alert security so they can respond appropriately to the risk presented.
Facial Verification Systems
Facial verification is new to the industry, but is proven to be able to log and record people’s activities, provide access control to specific persons, and identify security risks and concerns.
Project Management
Our project management systems can combine multiple systems, locations and businesses onto the one system. We can audit and manage your security system, and combine multiple systems into our single, easy to use security app.

We Optimise & Automate The Latest Advances in Security Technology

Better Security. Safer Work Environments.
Increased Bottom Line Profitability.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are committed to keeping up with the very latest in security systems technology. Our Ultra High Definition systems have four times the definition of standard HD systems and captures colour at night, protecting your business assets and ensuring footage can be used for investigations and evidence.

Our systems also have industry leading AI technology that cuts out 98{518a372535d1efa30da54d8f03411692675c77d7b6031074b6ef12e415efcc54} of false alarms by learning the difference between cars, birds, animals and people. We can reach the most remote locations with solar long range systems, 4G and point to point solutions. We even have COVID 19 fever screening options, with cameras that take thermal graphic images, alerting security if someone entering the premises has a fever. All our technology is completely cyber secure, with UPS battery back ups to ensure safety at all times.

Security System Experts

We are the industry leading security experts in Australia with over 40 years’ experience keeping people safe and assets secure. We understand the needs of commercial industries and that every business has different security concerns. Our systems are completely customisable to suit anyone from small office businesses to schools, medical facilities, council buildings, petrol stations and more.

We are passionate about what we do, and bring a friendly and professional face to commercial security systems. We ensure you receive nothing but quality from us through our lifetime installation guarantee, double warranty on camera equipment and unlimited tech support. You can rely on us to bring you the very best in security technology to keep your business secure.

We Work With

Credit Unions
& Banks
Small Business
Large Corporate
Industrial & Warehouse
Government & Public Holdings - Including councils and schools
Privately Owned
Educational Colleges
Retail Outlets With
Floor Stock

Results We’ve Achieved

  • Helped with disruptive tenant in a rental property
    Elaine – Christies Beach
    Elaine had a problem with a disruptive tenant in a rental property she owned which was in a unit adjacent to the one she lived in.

    She was losing sleep due to the actions of her tenant which included significant property damage and verbal threats to her.

    We installed a CCTV system for Elaine and within 2 weeks one of the cameras caught the tenant shouting abuse at her and reversing down their shared driveway at high speed, narrowly missing Elaine and her partner.

    The resultant video footage was enough for the judge at the tenancy tribunal to evict the tenant.

    Elaine sent us a great testimonial about how relived she was and that the camera system was the best investment she had ever made.
  • Implemented efficient, budget conscious industrial property security system
    Luke - Beverley
    Luke had a large industrial property he had just purchased and needed a security alarm system for security and insurance purposes.

    Because of the huge size of the property and his limited budget we installed a fully wireless AX-Pro Visual Verification Alarm System.

    The installation would have taken a team of installers at least two days to install so the AX -Pro was the clear choice.

    The full installation took under 4 hours and provided full smart phone control and video image verification of alarms

    Within a day someone entered the property without permission – In close to real time Luke received a series of video images on his Smart Phone of the intruder. As the system was back to base monitored, Police were immediately dispatched.
  • Setup a smart phone integrated CCTV, Security Alarm, and Intercom system
    Rob – Hove
    Rob had an existing HIK-Vision CCTV system and needed some alterations – He also wanted advice on an alarm system and intercom system.

    After a discussion, Rob said he wanted to be able to view and operate the CCTV, Security Alarm and Intercom from his smart phone on one same App.

    He also said that if there was ever an alarm event that he would like to see what caused it.

    I recommended the HIK-Vision suite of CCTV – Security Alarm and Intercom products which integrate seamlessly into the HIK-Connect Smart Phone App.

    We did various CCTV alterations, installed a HIK-Vision AX-Pro Wireless Visual Alarm System and a HIK-Vision IP Intercom System.

    To bring everything together in the house we installed a HIK-Vision 10 Inch Android Touch Screen which has the HIK-Connect App preinstalled.

    Rob can now view and playback the CCTV Cameras, take Intercom Calls and Operate the alarm system from his Smart Phone or on the Touch Screen.

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