Security Systems
Hardwired – Wireless - Hybrid

We provide state of the art Visual Verification security systems to keep you safe and your assets secure. Because they provide Visual Verification there’s no more guessing about what caused the alarm and allow for priority Police Response.

Our systems are completely customisable to every house, business or properties needs. 

What are hardwired and wireless systems?

Hardwired systems use physical cables to connect the control panel to every sensor in your security system. This can be hard to do in some modern homes with minimal roof space for wiring, or large spread out businesses and properties. This is why we often use wireless systems that have a receiver to connect back to the control panel.

Choose your level of security

All our systems are completely customisable to suit your specific situation. We put together systems on a house by house, business by business basis to create your ultimate security package. 

There are three different levels of security you can choose from through your systems:
Local monitoring
These alarms just make noise when triggered and are good as a deterrent.
Visual Verification
These alarms send you a Visual alert when a sensor is triggered, a series of snapshots of what caused the alarm are sent direct to your smart phone for instant Visual Verification of what caused the alarm
Grade A1 Back to Base Monitoring
Our State of the Art Grade A1 Control Room monitors your security alarm 24/7/365
They respond to whatever you set as a priority and provide great peace of mind.

Latest Technology Means Better Security

Our hardwired, wireless and hybrid systems all use the latest in Visual Verification Technologies.

Our systems give you complete smart phone control and the ability to receive smart alerts.
Our Hardwired, Wireless and Hybrid Systems allow for the ultimate flexibility in design and scale and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Some of the features our systems can include are:
Smoke Detection
Smoke alarms can be reported to your Smart Phone and the Control Room for rapid Fire Brigade response.
Facial Recognition
Use facial verification for Access Control Purposes
ANPR Cameras
Capture all Number Plates of Vehicles entering and exiting your property to allow you to create rules of entry
Browser Based Control
Allows you to have complete control of everything on any of your Smart phones or other browser based devices
Home Automation
Automate almost anything in your house or business and have Complete Control on your Smart Phone
Upgrade your existing system
Even if your existing alarm is a Dinosaur we can easily upgrade it by using the existing cabling and turn it into the very latest technology in a very short time
Help me Keep My Home Safe
Help Me Secure My Commercial Premises

Keeping you safe and secure

All our systems are developed to keep you safe and your assets secure. We also keep your systems safe and secure with our double warranty on equipment (with exception for consumables). Cameras come with a 3-year warranty which we will double if you keep them serviced with us.

You’ll also get a lifetime installation guarantee, with no charges to fix any camera issues resulting from installation. 

We top all of this off with unlimited tech support. We are always there to help you and fix any problems. We can explain how to use the system and teach you what you need to know.
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