Security Alarm Monitoring


Peace of mind like never before

If you were away from your home or business and someone broke in, what would happen? Could you rely on neighbours to report a disturbance? Would there be anybody nearby to even notice something going on?

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Don’t leave the security of your home or business to chance!

Protect your belongings and family at all times with the help of Grade A1 Security Monitoring.

Our team:

  • Is staffed around the clock to ensure your property is protected
  • Is highly trained to respond quickly to disturbances
  • Can quickly access live footage to determine what has triggered an alarm
  • Will only contact you if there is a legitimate disturbance
  • Will be able to contact a patrol car or the police to access your property
  • Is certified and has been confirmed to operate by local authorities

How it works

Using state of the art technology, our remote security monitoring team is able to keep track of your property, around the clock.

Once you have a certified home or business security alarm system installed, if there is a security breach a signal will immediately be issued to staff in the monitoring centre.

A trained operator will check what has caused the alarm and notify you and the authorities.

Don’t get caught out

You cannot rely on thieves being scared off by the sound of an alarm, nor can you expect strangers to call the police on your behalf.

With the help of 24/7 security alarm monitoring you will be able to know that your home and belongings are protected, no matter where you are.

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