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Security Disaster Recovery


Modern technology has made everything easier in so many ways. However relying on connected electricity can mean that a power outage gives thieves an opportunity to access your premises. Storms, earthquakes, power failures can be a disaster for the smooth operation and continuity of your business, leaving your assets exposed to thieves and hackers.

Don’t put your property at risk!

Call the experts in security disaster recovery

Be disaster prepared

The team at Fort Knox will help you prepare for a worst-case-scenario situation, giving you the right advice and helping you put preventative measures in place to back up your security in the case of an emergency. Should the worst happen – give us a call and we will be there to restore functionality before your security is compromised.

Case study: Queensland Tropical Cyclone

During recent storms in far north Queensland thousands of homes and businesses were left without power. Fort Knox was contacted by one of our clients – a credit union who had been affected by the outage. No power meant no security – not a good situation for a credit union. Within an hour and a half we had restored all the faults to have everything up and running securely.


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