Security & Communication Audits


How easy would it be for someone to walk in off the street to your school or office and help themselves to expensive property or classified information?

Even with some security measures in place, you might be surprised at how quickly someone can access your premises in broad daylight, even when there are plenty of people around.

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There’s no excuse!

As a business owner or the person in charge of an educational facility, you owe it to your staff, students and visitors to provide them with a safe environment.

Without the proper measures in place you are exposing them to the risk of injury and trauma.

Fort Knox Security provides audits of:

  • Government buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • Credit Unions
  • Schools and educational colleges
  • Industrial facilities
  • Private residences

Call the building security audit experts

Let Fort Knox Security conduct a step by step audit of your building security.

Our expert team will:

  • Discuss your objectives and devise a plan
  • Attempt to ‘go undercover’ to access your building
  • Assess your existing security system for flaws and technical issues
  • Check physical security barriers such as gates, fences and walls
  • Provide a comprehensive report that identifies the security weak spots of your premises
  • Help you come up with a plan to resolve existing issues

Get your security RIGHT

An ineffective security system is a waste of time and money.

Enlist the help of Australia’s security experts to identify the holes in your security.

Once we have conducted an audit we will give you advice on how to close the gaps in the most cost effective way.

Call today for a quote

Fort Knox Security are the qualified professionals in residential and commercial alarm systems. Contact the experts for the best protection that money can buy.

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