Wireless Communications


Fort Knox Security are at the cutting edge of wireless security technology.

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Choosing to go wireless means less risk of thieves manually disarming your business or home alarm system.

Why wireless?            

Thanks to increasingly innovative developments in wireless alarm systems, your property will be more secure than ever.

Using practically impenetrable technology, Fort Knox will secure your home or business from intruders.

The cost effective solution

Don’t believe the hype that these systems are out of your price range.

Wireless security alarm technology is highly affordable, providing peace of mind and return on investment. In some cases it is cheaper than an outdated security system that requires countless wires and switches.

Our wireless security clients include:

  • Private residences
  • Credit Unions and banks
  • Small business
  • Large corporate offices
  • Industrial and warehouse premises
  • Government and public buildings, including councils and schools
  • Privately owned educational colleges
  • Retail outlets with floor stock

Communicate wirelessly

Any breaches in the security of your home or premises will be instantly communicated wirelessly to our monitoring team in the control centre. We can even set it up so that you can be notified via your smartphone of any issues with the safety of your property.

Be safe, feel secure

Fort Knox Security’s friendly and experienced team will find out exactly what you need in order to show you how wireless communications can relieve your security concerns. Let us inspect your property and design the right solutions. With Fort Knox Security, you can rest assured that you have the best possible protection from unwanted intruders.

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