Over the years we have worked with hundreds of commercial and government properties to provide bespoke solutions that ensure the highest possible standard in specialist security.

Our knowledge and experience means you can trust Fort Knox Security with the important responsibility of keeping staff, students and visitors safe.

School Alarm Systems and Security



It is an unfortunate reality of modern life that schools must have security systems in place to ensure the safety of all staff and students.

Fort Knox Security will conduct an audit of your campus, letting you know which areas put you most at risk for security breaches. We’ll recommend the best methods for keeping your grounds, property and students safe during and after hours.

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Council and Government Building Security Systems


For health and safety reasons, certain measures must be in place to ensure that public servants and contractors are not at risk from security threats.

Let us conduct an audit to make sure nothing has been missed and install security monitoring and alarms that will provide the best possible security for your premises.

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Credit Union Security


Make sure your staff are protected with panic buttons, alarms and state-of-the-art security systems for your credit union.

We’ve worked with dozens of credit unions over the years to make sure that all bases are covered.

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CCTV Analytics


Security technology just keeps getting smarter. CCTV analytics gives computers the power to be triggered in real time if there is an incident or suspicious activity being recorded on camera.

The technology is designed to pick up on certain factors of human behaviours and will automatically alert remote security monitors.

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Popular in the US, this technology forms an invisible web mesh to protect your property from intruders like never before.

Xandem works through walls and can even tell the difference between a human and an animal.

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