This Decade’s Biggest Security Threat for Small Businesses

Forget cyber-attacks; in Australia the biggest threat to the security of homes and businesses is the NBN (National Broadband Network). This nation-wide rollout of faster, fibre cables has the potential to disrupt alarm systems, putting your belongings and personal safety at risk.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is already in operation in some parts of Australia. In a nutshell, this huge project will replace existing copper communication wires with fibre cables that will speed up internet connectivity.

This project has the goal of making internet faster and more reliable for all Australians and the rollout is currently underway around the country.

Why is the NBN a security threat?

At the moment, monitored alarm systems are linked to security response centres by way of the existing copper telephone network. If you are not prepared for the change, there is the possibility that your current alarm system will be disconnected or incompatible with the new NBN cables. This means there will no longer be an active response system if an alarm is triggered.

Furthermore, there is also the risk that a power outage will cause your business to be a sitting duck in terms of security, as most existing security alarm systems won’t be capable of communicating.

Once the NBN comes to your area, you will have a limited 18 month period to make sure that your home or business alarm is compatible and your belongings and personal safety are protected.

How to stay secure during the NBN rollout

It is important to figure out how your security system works before the NBN comes to your area so that you are not putting your property at risk.

If your alarm system works via a phone line, you will need to be NBN ready. It’s essential you talk to a reputable security alarm company with NBN experience about the steps they have taken to prepare other businesses and find out your best plan of attack.

It many cases the safest, most reliable option will be to select wireless security monitoring to reduce the risk of thieves interfering with your system. Ask your security provider what the backup system is in the case of a power failure. Once you have made the switch to NBN, organise a test with your security alarm company so that you are 100% sure you are still connected.

Shop around to find a well-established security alarm provider who can offer a great deal in terms of both the right equipment and reasonable pricing. Ask about fixed monthly monitoring fees and ensure you are getting a competitive rate. In the majority of cases, the new monitoring options will work out more secure offering the added benefit of cheaper ongoing charges.

When it comes to security, prevention is the best plan of attack. Making sure that you are prepared for the major change of the NBN well ahead of time, will ensure your property remains safe from security breaches.

Jim Wills is the owner of Fort Knox Security, Adelaide’s specialist in NBN rollout protection for home and business alarm systems. For more information and a risk free assessment, visit

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