NBN Facts: 7 Things they Didn’t tell you

There has been plenty of talk recently about the NBN (National Broadband Network), the new network for faster internet service that is currently being rolled out around Australia. The NBN is designed to replace or upgrade Australia’s existing copper network, which is no longer sufficient to support the growing demand for reliable internet connection. It is being built progressively around the country, however, there are plenty of myths being spread during the process.

These are some of the misconceptions about the NBN and the NBN facts to set you straight.

1. You will know when the NBN will come to you

You should not allow yourself to be taken by surprise when the NBN is rolled out in your area. The government is taking steps to notify householders and business owners by mail so keep an eye out for the notice in your area. It is also likely that you will hear from your phone and internet provider about the upcoming changes. If you want to know ahead of time so that you can be adequately prepared, check the rollout details on the NBN website.

2. Everyone’s internet will be the same speed with the NBN

Sadly this won’t be the case. While those who are already connected to the NBN report that they’re able to access the internet more quickly than before, the truth is that the speed of your internet will still depend on the devices you own, including your modems and hubs. The ability on your computer to ‘handle’ the internet and, whether or not you’re using wireless to connect to the NBN, will also have an impact on connection speeds.

3. The switchover will happen automatically in your home or business

While crews are steadily working to roll out the NBN by installing external NBN connection boxes on your home or business premises, there is still work to be done on your part. Once you are aware of the arrival date to your area, you will need to contact your phone or internet provider to actually order the upgrade. They will then arrange everything you need to get connected.

If you have a security alarm system in your business or home, it is essential to get advice from a reputable security alarm company that are experienced in all aspects of the NBN rollout. You need to ensure you won’t end up having a security outage during the changeover inviting a security risk into your home or workplace.

4. The NBN switchover will be straightforward and simple

This will only be the case if you have done your homework! Many businesses have found themselves facing unexpected outages in their EFTPOS and email connectivity due to the NBN changeover. For complex businesses with multiple systems, it is important to get professional advice so that you don’t end up losing connectivity time.

5. As soon as the change happens, you have to be ready

Once the NBN is available in your area, you should have approximately 18 months to organise the switch over in your home or business. This sounds like plenty of time, but it’s not advisable to leave it to the last minute as you never know what could happen. Stay ahead of the game and start talking to your phone and internet providers, IT specialists and security company now.

6. Moving to the NBN is free

The government is bearing the cost of upgrading Australia’s entire internet to the NBN. However, there may be some costs involved for you such as running new internal cabling through your home or business. Shop around and make sure the professionals helping you with the transition are giving you a good price on the inevitable expenses.

7. The NBN will only affect computers and email

Think again. Devices including fax machines, security alarms, medical alarms, lift phones and EFTPOS machines will all need to be updated, replaced or prepared for the NBN switchover. It may be that only small tweaks need to be made, however in some cases, there could be a significant amount of work to be done to ensure services aren’t interrupted.

To guarantee that your business security is not affected by the NBN rollout, contact a responsible and reliable security alarm company experienced in NBN security requirements. They will be able to tell you what you need to do to stay connected and help you avoid unnecessary interruption in your connectivity and security services.

Jim Wills is the founder and CEO of Fort Knox Security, a specialist in NBN facts & rollout protection for Home & Business Security Alarm Systems. For more information and a free risk assessment, visit http://www.fortknoxsecurity.com.au/nbn.