Survive the NBN Changeover in Your Business

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is being rolled out all across Australia in order to provide open access broadband network to all Australians! For businesses, this may mean more of a security threat than Y2K was back in the nineties. Find out how to keep your business secure during this major change.

The Australia-wide upgrade to replace copper wires with the NBN is currently being carried out in phases all over the country, between now and the end of 2016. It is touted to bring faster, more reliable internet to Australian homes and businesses.

What many businesses don’t realise is that the NBN changeover has the potential to cut off internet and phone services; this includes the possible disconnection of EFTPOS systems and security alarm systems.

Some Australian companies have already found themselves in a ‘worst case scenario’ thanks to the NBN changeover. According to the Daily Telegraph, managers at Gosford Golf Club arrived at work on March 30 to find that their entire business was offline. The NBN had cut the copper wire service and it couldn’t be reinstated, leaving the club running their entire operation from an internet dongle for a period of approximately three months. While it is certainly a hassle to be offline, the Gosford Golf Club was lucky that thieves didn’t take advantage of any outage in their security alarm system during the technical blackout.

So how do you prevent the NBN changeover from having a massive impact on your business, your security and your income?

  1. Be Informed

Find out exactly how the NBN changeover is going to affect you. There is plenty of information available on the government website and from IT experts who understand exactly what the impact will be on your internet, phone and security alarm systems.

Check the internet (while you still have time) for a rollout map to see when your area can expect the update from copper wire to the NBN.

  1. Get In Touch

Think like a scout and be prepared! Talk with your internet provider to confirm the dates of your transition. The people you need to speak to well in advance of the change include your:

  • IT supplier
  • Phone systems provider
  • Security alarm company
  • EFTPOS provider
  • Fax machine provider
  1. Make a Plan

Consider this a side project for at least a little while! Protecting your security and internet connection is a multi-step process. Devise a strategy with all the above providers to make sure you are protected from a technical and security perspective throughout the switch.

If you are busy with your business, you might find it easier to recruit the help of a project officer who specialises in helping businesses survive the NBN rollout with minimal outages. They will be able to give you step by step instructions and liaise with all the relevant technicians for you.

Don’t risk losing customers, missing out on profits or compromising the security of your business during the Australian NBN rollout. Be prepared; know your facts to guarantee peace of mind and minimal risk to your security, and of course, faster internet!

Jim Wills is the Founder and CEO of Fort Knox Security, a specialist in NBN rollout protection for home and business security alarm systems. For more information and a free risk assessment, visit


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